"She smacked me in the face while we were having sex and I laughed and said that was cute. I mean I then held her down and choked her until she apologized and begged me to fuck her again but first I said that was cute and laughed." - James Deen (via icekq)

ARTIST: Pixies
TRACK: Here Comes Your Man
ALBUM: Doolittle
15,999 plays

Also getting a kitten soon named Steve Buscemi. fUCK

There’s something strange in this house.

Wow, so I’m going to have a third interview this week with Sam’s Club and I have an interview with Barnes and Noble on Saturday. Dude.

hire me cause my eyes are weird please

hire me cause my eyes are weird please

Idk I’m feeling very temperamental and I should probably take a nap but instead I think I’m going to drink and play Dragon Age